Here are some examples of the ways in which we have helped individuals and businesses like yours

How we helped with a Christmas card mail merge

How we helped with a Christmas card mail merge We were approached recently to see if we could help with a task that was causing a business some headaches. It wasn’t as straightforward a task as they thought it would be with the software they were using. They had a...

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How we helped create a database

I met a young lady at a networking event in June 2018 and she came over to chat with me after everyone had done their ‘who I am & what I do’ speech. She had a business that needed lengthy booking forms and wanted to create a database of clients. Our initial...

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How we helped improve SEO for a small business

At one of my many networking events I was asked if I could have a look at a website to help with SEO. I asked what it was she wanted to be ranking for and discovered she was already ranking very highly for her main business. I did notice that she wasn’t ranking at all...

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How we helped with a software suggestion for a HR issue

I met this lady at a networking event in May 2018 and she asked if she could have a chat with me about a staff issue she was having. It turned out that her staff were submitting time sheets and then going back in to amend them saying they were owed time back. The lady...

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How we helped support a small business with tips and advice

I started networking regularly at the end of 2017. Through attending events I made a great friend who I often talk strategy with. My friend was at a stage where she was ready to give up on her business as she was struggling to find customers. I told her to hang on in...

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How we helped create an Excel spreadsheet for contacts

I recently met a couple of guys who had bought a franchise of a printer company. They told me they were great salesmen and had no issues with the world of printers and security, in particular GDPR. After listening to my 2-minute speech on who I am and what I do at a...

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