I met a young lady at a networking event in June 2018 and she came over to chat with me after everyone had done their ‘who I am & what I do’ speech.

She had a business that needed lengthy booking forms and wanted to create a database of clients. Our initial thought was we can do that in Excel. When I sat down and thought about it more I realised that Access was probably the best solution for this as she could use a ‘form’ for each record making it easier on the eye to complete the information each time she gained a new client.

As you can also import/export to Excel I thought this would be a benefit as I knew she wanted to have the capability of creating graphs where she could see where her main clients lived. It also could show her which marketing tactics/mediums were working and which needed improvement.

I also ran a few queries with test data to see how that would work for her. These are things I can talk her through so she can build more queries as she has more data entered into the database. I also ran an export to Excel function so I could show her exactly how this would look each time she did this. This helps to keep the columns uniform and makes creating graphs a lot easier.

This was something I thought I could use as a template for other similar businesses and package it up for them as to their specific requirements – this is a work in progress and something I’m keen to develop going forwards.


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