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You feel…

  • You’re rubbish with spreadsheets.
  • Your colleagues can do Excel tasks much quicker than you.
  • Your Excel skills let you down
  • There must be a quicker, easier & better way to do tasks
  • You’re un-employable
  • Your job is at risk

You want…

  • To get an admin/office role that offers more stability, flexibility and more money
  • To automate and be more efficient
  • To feel more confident in your skills and abilities
  • To be more productive/get that promotion
  • To be the envy of your colleagues
  • To be the ‘go to’ person
  • To aim high, learn new skills and be proficient

Why learn from me?

Since 2000 I started learning Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.

Over the years I’ve gained various Certificates and Diplomas in Computer Applications. These skills have enabled me to go from a retail operations role to working in Programmes and Projects across multiple organisations.

I like to make things as simple as possible and save time/energy that doesn’t need to be wasted. I’ve been told I explain things in an easy-to-understand way – even my mum understands…

I want to help you upskill and get a better role too, so I’ve created simple, short, easy-to-follow training that you can do when it suits you – it’s all from the comfort of your own home.

Lessons/training is in the format of PDFs and videos and I’ll take you from being a non/limited user to understanding how to utilise Excel better and be confident in your skills.

Most office-based roles in the UK expect you to have a certain level of Excel skills/abilities, this in depth training will give you that – valuable skills for life.

I can teach you the skills, you just need to take action, sign-up today!!

It’s your future you’re investing in…


Joining the course is a TRANSFORMATIONAL journey.

You’re going to START with very little or no Excel experience and you’re going to learn SKILLS YOU WILL NEED for an office/admin role, you will end up with a skillset your colleagues will envy.

You’re going to be ABLE TO CONFIDENTLY complete beginner/intermediate Excel tasks like Sort, Filter, Sums, Simple Charts/Graphs, Formatting and much more…

Most importantly, you’re going to FEEL more AT EASE with Excel


So what do you get? 


Zero to Hero Academy £198

  • Easy, actionable videos and PDFs to work through – from non-user through to intermediate level.
  • Tips to help you be more efficient.
  • This is an in-depth training course that you work through at your pace, all the training videos and PDFs come with plenty of images showing you where to click and how your spreadsheet should look as a result, so you can easily go back through it if yours doesn’t look like that.
  • It’s explained as simply as possible
  • You will learn things that even some of your colleagues don’t know
  • Your skills are with you for life!!
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