You feel like you’ve been left behind when it comes to digital skills. Your colleagues are more digitally advanced than you’d like to admit and you feel embarrassed that you don’t understand Excel as well as they do. You find yourself dreading an urgent data request from your boss as you know it’ll take you ages to do it…

You’re starting to think now would be a good time to change your career, but you don’t feel you have the relevant IT skills for a computer/office based job. You constantly write your to-do lists on bits of paper that get lost on your desk and struggle to keep on top of tasks…

You find yourself spending hours on an Excel task, surely there’s an easier/quicker way… but you don’t know “what you don’t know”. You find yourself spending hours each month doing your accounts/expenses manually on paper. You’re struggling to keep on top of your finances each month and often find yourself late or missing payments…

You use Excel for a client/customer database but it takes you ages to filter on the keywords/data you need for marketing and communications. You struggle to take in information and need someone to explain things in an easy way and at your pace…

The words VLOOKUP and Pivot Table have you cringing in fear…


You’re not alone and help is at hand…


There are many people, young and old, who feel like their Excel/Office skills are not up to scratch, they feel like they’re too old to learn something new or they feel they’re too old to change their career…

You’re never too old, or too young, to learn something that is going to allow you to live the life you want.


See how my Excel webinar training can help you…

I have been running successful Excel training sessions via webinar since January 2020 and had many people join the training that have no Excel experience at all and want to learn how to manage their accounts/business tasks more efficiently, or often they are people wanting to learn more about Excel so they can think about a career change. Take a look at what they have to say….

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or what level of experience you do or don’t have… There’s literally something for everyone.

A lot of people feel silly about their lack of experience/knowledge of Excel and this puts them off going back to college or signing up to evening classes. You can either do my webinar sessions as part of a group or one-to-one and the majority of them run in the evening so fit in around childcare or day jobs.

All of my sessions are interactive, so you will be watching what I do and then having a go yourself to make sure you understand how it works, and if you don’t get it first time, that’s fine, we go over it until you do – with the exception of Pivot Tables, on these sessions you will be watching how I create Pivot Tables so you can go away and create your own.

There are Excel basics, VLOOKUPS, Pivot Tables and more to learn and if you want to learn all of these from scratch you can join my group programme – coming soon!!

Check out my upcoming events here

See how I can help you

I believe everyone should have access to training to better their life

Let me help you and/or your business get on the path you want to be on…

Excel / MS Office / IT Training

I can help you expand your knowledge, understanding and utilisation of Excel through webinars, 1:1s and small group training.

I can teach you Excel basics, VLOOKUPS, PivotTables & Charts, budgeting/money management, mail merges and more…

Eco-friendly Services

As my services/training can all be delivered via webinar, over the phone or by video call, we’re all doing our bit for the environment, plus we’re managing to maintain social distancing – so it’s better for all involved…

Have a look at my Excel / MS Office training

I can help expand your knowledge, understanding and utilisation of Excel / MS Office

Delacol Creative - Virtual Assistant

“I was recommended to seek Tracy’s advice by Sheffield City Region Launchpad when I approached them for mentoring in IT skills and associated employment opportunities for some of my clients. Since then, Tracy has advised some of my clients that are participating in the Building Better Opportunities Programme. We provide one-to-one and group support to clients throughout South Yorkshire that are unemployed to help them to secure employment or start their own business. Tracy is a font of knowledge and has helped a few of my clients to progress to the next stage of their development by sharing her expertise and knowledge. I highly recommend Tracy. She is approachable, relates well to people and goes the extra mile. Her advice is always from a considered and balanced standpoint – providing realistic and achievable solutions.”

Enterprise and Employment Coach, Clowne Enterprise

“As well as being a great help advising on web design, Tracy at Delacol Creative has also been active in the local community and a great help volunteering at our in-school events. With her natural way with people she has helped inspire the next generation and share her career journey and expertise with them. Thank you on behalf of the students!”

Business Partnership Coordinator, Ahead Partnership

Tracy’s beginners’ course was brilliant!  This course was informative and very useful for someone who knows nothing about Excel. Tracy explained things beautifully and was infinitely patient. Basically, it is a live and interactive ‘Excel for dummies’ course! Things I had spent hours trying to do in the past she showed us how to do with one click! Highly recommend This course if Excel is a mystery to you – it won’t be by the end!! Thanks Tracy!!


Owner, Shalom Holistic

I joined a webinar in January 2020 for Excel for beginners. I found this introduction to Excel very useful and very convenient for me as I didn’t need to leave my home. Tracy is amazing at explaining things and encourages you to ask questions. I do use Excel on a daily basis but I still learned things from Tracy and I will be highly recommending this webinar


Owner, Sitter4pets Pet and House Sitting Services

Tracy is very knowledgeable when it comes to Excel. She was patient and clear in her instructions when showing me how I could create a targeted marketing list, making my campaigns easier and more effective. The key for me, was I thought I knew how to use Excel, however as the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. Tracy opened my eyes to the varied tools and options within Excel, thankyou! I look forward to the next lesson, Carole


Owner, Wild Orange

I have wanted to use Pivot tables for some time, but have always struggled to understand how to use the data. Tracy went through the information clearly, went over any items I wanted to review and made it relevant. I feel that I will now use Pivot Tables in my everyday work, and it will help to save a lot of time. I would recommend the class to work colleagues.

Tracy has been my Excel angel. I’m a freelance trainer and I don’t have the time to learn all the tricks of every trade so I have outsourced my Excel headaches to her. We have had sessions where she has directly showed me how to use her well built and so simple templates. At times I also directly send her spreadsheets with issues to fix. She is very responsive and explains in a very clear and structured way. I feel so relieved knowing she is always there to help me and the amount of time I save is noticeable. I can focus on my core work and not waste time getting frustrated in trying to learn how to use formulas. Thanks Tracy!


Freelance Trainer

Before your training, I wasn’t really aware of Pivot Tables, how to use them and their usefulness. Your training was so invaluable for me.

The training really helped me to refine my existing Excel skills, along with providing so much more useful information on Pivot Tables and their uses. The session was paced really well and I found it easy to keep up and really understand the topic.

Everything was explained in detail and you were so understanding and supportive of all of my questions, really helping to make sure that I was clear on all aspects of the training.

Since the training, I have implemented Pivot Tables in my day-to-day work and have found that the training has helped me complete my role to a better standard, really helping me to excel and have a clear understanding of data and the possibilities available to analyse and understand what data is telling me.