Hi, I’m Tracy, your learn Excel from home training and templates provider…


My Mission is to help create a better future for everyone and I believe Excel training that’s available 24/7 when you want it, is the future…

I want a future where everyone is able to manage their money better, reducing personal debt. A future where everyone has the basic IT skills they need to get the job done, or feel confident about a career change – it’s never too late to learn valuable new skills for life.

I believe that by showing people the essential basics of IT, Excel and life skills, they can learn to budget and manage their money better and have the skills needed to take on a job after leaving school, or at any stage in life, we’re enabling them to live the life they want. It doesn’t matter if they’re young, older or vulnerable – together we can help make a better future for all.

I’ve come across many people over the years who tend to avoid Excel/Spreadsheets as much as possible because they don’t understand how they can help them. They don’t realise that the tasks they are spending hours on can be done at the click of a few buttons, or in a lot of cases can also be automated.

I’ve also met a lot of people who think they’re too old to learn new things, they tend to stick with what they know or ask a younger member of the family to complete tasks for them – it’s never too late to learn valuable new skills, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort once you have the skills to complete the tasks yourself.


Excel training on a laptop

How do I do this…?

All my training is delivered digitally as a download, which means it’s available to you 24/7.

I’ve created my training to cover the most important and most used tasks in Excel, so you’re only buying what you need to learn right then, you’re not having to invest in a massive course with lots of modules – most of us prefer this way of training. You’re less likely to give up part way in as it’s all in bite-sized, convenient chunks of learning.

I cover the Excel basics (Excel is compatible for basic tasks with Google Sheets if you prefer to use that platform), and I have Excel refresher training if you’re wanting a quick reminder ready for a job interview.

I also have Conditional Formatting, VLOOKUPS and a PivotTables Masterclass, ideal when you’re more comfortable with using spreadsheets.

If you want to be better with your money I have budget trackers that are so easy and simple to use. I have a ‘budget’ budget tracker or a more in-depth 12-month tracker that also has a graph for visualisation (some people prefer to see a picture rather than just numbers).

Either way, there’s literally something for everyone!!

I’ve even started doing PDF Planners to help people be more organised and to help businesses grow their Social Media with a content planner – something for everyone…

My vision is to create solutions to the problems you have, taking you on a journey from no Excel knowledge to an advanced/expert level, ensuring you have the skills you need to succeed. I want to deliver affordable, practical solutions that appeal to everyone.

Having worked in a wide variety of roles, I have established an extensive and broad background in a diverse array of industries. These include UK Retail, Local Government and Financial Services.

This unique combination of employment has not only created a diverse and varied CV, it also means that I have skills covering customer-facing, analytical and problem-solving. I have helped many colleagues over the years with their Excel woes.

I have also helped many business owners understand how to utilise Excel better to benefit their businesses – saving them time and effort, allowing them to do what they do best…

I enjoy helping people and I want to help you/your business to succeed and grow.


Why IT Training…?

I’ve always been told I’m a great people person and I can explain things easily, talking people through the steps they need to take to resolve their IT issues and reach their desired outcome. It made sense to me to use my skills and knowledge to help other people better themselves.

I believe that through my experience and industry knowledge, coupled with my passion and a genuine desire to support and assist individuals and new start-ups/small businesses, I can personally help you and/or your business.


Have a look at how I can help you with Excel and MS Office.

Excel Skills Employers look for

Most jobs require employees to have Excel skills, whether it’s to analyse data, manage a customer database or for reporting purposes, Excel can pretty much do it all.

So if you’re looking to change jobs, it makes sense to make sure you have some of the key skills.

Get my FREE checklist and start your Excel journey today!!

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