Based in Doncaster, we offer Excel / MS Office training and tuition based on your needs. We can do this through 1:1 or small group training.

This doesn’t mean we limit our service to just Doncaster. We can offer a virtual service that is eco-friendly – reducing emissions and the cost to you. We can help anyone, anywhere…

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Our Excel / MS Office training & tuition services

For businesses over 2 years old and individuals

Learn new skills to help your business grow, understand how Excel can simplify your daily / weekly tasks, expand your knowledge to help you get that promotion / job you desire or to help you get back into work.

We will show you the things you need to know to progress and succeed.

For businesses trading under 2 years

Why pay for additional software that you can’t really afford when you can learn to utilise the software you already have more effectively…. We can help you create simple accounting/cashflow Excel spreadsheets, manage your business better and cheaper and we can help you to understand where your focus needs to be to move your business forwards.


Like the majority of businesses and people we want to do our bit for the environment.

We can offer virtual training/support to help reduce emissions and cost to you. We can do this via phone calls, by live video or we can arrange drop in sessions where you book a time slot to visit us at a local venue – this way we can see multiple people in one day.

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business to succeed and grow.

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