Learn the Excel skills you need to change your career or upskill, from home. All training is delivered directly to your inbox 24/7.

Learn the things you need, when you need them…

I believe everyone, whether they’re school-age, older or vulnerable, should have access to training that will help them with life skills and take their career down a different path than they’re currently on. I want to help by teaching/showing people simple money management and budgeting tips, how to utilise Excel better for personal or business use and show them the basics in Word, PowerPoint and more…

The training I offer covers:


Excel basics


Budgeting/money management

Pivot Tables / Charts

Mail merge


Conditional formatting

plus more…..

Most of the training and templates come with a PDF of instructions and a short video showing you how to do the tasks.

As all training is delivered directly to your inbox, it’s available to you 24/7 and comes with excellent feedback from people who’ve already tried it. I have a virtual service that is eco-friendly – reducing emissions and saving the environment.

I believe online/virtual training is going to be the new normal going forwards.

I can help anyone, anywhere, any time…

Excel Essentials £35.99 - you get:

PDFs and/or videos of step-by-step instructions

Excel workbooks and more

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Excel basics £25.00 - you get:

PDF of step-by-step instructions

Excel workbook

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Excel refresher £25.00 - you get:

PDF of step-by-step instructions

Excel workbook

More products on the Products tab including...

A Craft Pricing Calculator

A 12-Month Budget tracker

A VAT Return template

PDF Planners to plan your Social Media Content and manage your tasks, habits and much more…

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