Based in Doncaster, I offer Excel / MS Office training, tuition and services based on your needs. I can do this through webinar, 1:1 or small group training.

I believe everyone, whether they’re school age, older or vulnerable, should have access to training that will help them with life skills and take their career down a different path than they’re currently on. I want to help by teaching / showing people simple money management and budgeting tips, how to utilise Excel better for personal or business use and show them the basics in Word, PowerPoint and more…

The training I offer covers:


Excel basics


Budgeting/money management

Pivot Tables / Charts

Mail merge

Outlook / email

Conditional formatting

plus more…..

Most of the sessions are interactive and you get to ‘do’ alongside me to make sure you understand what you’re doing and why. I would advise, based on other attendees testimonials, that you view the zoom call on your phone/tablet or on a second monitor and do the tasks on a laptop or PC – wherever you have Excel installed.

This doesn’t mean I limit my service to just Doncaster, my webinars have sign ups from all over the world and because I can help anyone via the internet I have a virtual service that is eco-friendly – reducing emissions and saving the environment.

I believe webinar training is going to be the new normal going forwards.

I also offer a service where I can help you with your Excel issues/woes on an ad-hoc basis.

All sessions are paid for upfront.

I can help anyone, anywhere…

Message me so you can see how I can help you too

My Excel / MS Office training & tuition services

Workshops (from £35 p/p)

I can deliver these interactive workshops to individuals and to businesses.

These range from simple money management / budgeting to making spreadsheets look more professional.

The workshops I host can be found on Facebook and Eventbrite. I can also deliver these at your location too, message me to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Webinars (from £10 p/p)

My webinars are, in a nutshell, my workshops broken down into bite sized 30 minute / 1 hour sessions.

I deliver these on a regular basis and at times more convenient for those with children and those who work full time.

My webinars are also ideal for those who feel more comfortable learning in their own environment. You’ll find these on  Facebook and Eventbrite

1:1 - £50 p/hour

My 1:1 sessions are ideal for those who want to learn face to face but don’t enjoy being in workshops.

I can meet you at one of many locations or online and the session is tailored around what you want to learn.

As these are interactive you will need to bring the device you will be learning on with you and have access to MS Office or the Google equivalent.

For businesses over 2 years old and individuals

Learn new skills to help your business grow, understand how Excel can simplify your daily / weekly tasks, expand your knowledge to help you get that promotion / job you desire or to help you get back into work.

I will show you the things you need to know to progress and succeed.

For businesses trading under 2 years

Why pay for additional software that you can’t really afford when you can learn to utilise the software you already have more effectively…. I can help you create simple accounting/cashflow Excel spreadsheets, manage your business better and cheaper and I can help you to understand where your focus needs to be to move your business forwards.


Like the majority of businesses and people I want to do my bit for the environment.

My webinars are all done via zoom screen sharing technology and are listed on Eventbrite/Facebook. My 1:1s can be done at a local venue or via video chat/screen sharing/phone. Through using technology this way I can see multiple people in one day reducing travelling/emissions.

Message me today to see how I can help you / your business to succeed and grow.

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