I recently met a couple of guys who had bought a franchise of a printer company. They told me they were great salesmen and had no issues with the world of printers and security, in particular GDPR.
After listening to my 2-minute speech on who I am and what I do at a networking event they said they’d like to have a chat about how I could possibly help them.

They were just setting up in business and had a PDF list of around 190 customers that they wanted to transfer to an Excel spreadsheet to enable them to add filters and much more, making life simpler for them. I told them that was something I could help with as I can offer services that are tailored to the client, whether they want ad-hoc work or whether they want to buy a certain amount of hours that could be used weekly or monthly.

I took the piece of work on and turned it around in a very short space of time for them, which they were really pleased with, I also queried why they filled in certain info twice as there was no need for that based on what Excel can do, they checked out what I advised and said a big thanks as I’d also managed to save them some time filling in info that wasn’t required.

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