Recently I met with an employment/job coach. We had a great chat and discovered she had clients and colleagues that could benefit from my services. We decided to arrange a meeting with one of her clients; this was to discuss the types of issues the client had in relation to using Excel and to determine how I could help her going forwards.

The client had been made redundant and had no IT qualifications although she had been using Excel at work. After listening to the issues she had with learning in general I advised she take a look at the free courses that are often available through the college and other places offering adult education, such as the council and also to take advantage of the amount of free information there is available on the internet where she could learn at her own pace and in the comfort of her own home.
I also told her about websites and Facebook pages where she could look for tips etc. plus the library and its extensive book range on Microsoft Office applications.
She also seemed at a loss as to the kind of job sites she needed to be looking on to find the kind of work she wanted; I told her about all the ones I have used in the past and the types of jobs they have listed and I also suggested a couple of places I knew were looking for temporary staff at that time.

The employment coach thanked me for all the valuable information and actions I had given them and she also asked if I would be willing to do 1-2-1 help with the client if she felt she needed more help with Excel.

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