Do you find yourself saying yes to any of these:-

• I work with people who struggle with IT tasks
• I have a family member or clients that would benefit from some basic IT training
• I have clients / customers that could do with some simple money management / budgeting tips, skills or training
• I have a child starting University and they could use some budgeting skills to help them keep on top of finances / bills
• I am or I have friends wanting to change career but don’t have any skills with IT packages such as Excel


If you did answer yes to any of the above, we could be the answer you’ve been waiting / looking for.


You’re never too old or too young to learn a few digital skills that will help you. Whether it’s just for a basic understanding, whether you’re wanting to improve your skillset for a different career path, because you need to start submitting digital taxes or you just need a few ideas on budgeting better.


Over the years we’ve worked in many different sectors, doing jobs that aren’t related and with no particular career path in mind. A benefit to this is we’ve learned a lot of transferable skills that can be used across many different organisations, learning many new systems and processes along the way. So much so, that now we try to simplify our own processes too.

We’ve decided to put our skills to good use and show other people how to use these systems, manage their business and achieve task completion quicker, cheaper and more effectively.

Take a look at some of the Excel training we provide as digital downloads – you learn in your own time, at your pace and when it suits you as it’s available 24/7…



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