Whatever size/type of business you are, you can’t be in front of people physically all the time to showcase what your business does/offers. This is where a business website comes in.
With a website you can show all your portfolio and also have customer testimonials/reviews – without a doubt a website is one of the best ways for a future customer to get a clear understanding of who you are, what you do and what your previous customers think of you.

This is your space to showcase your talents


It’s surprising that with so many easy options available for websites that not all small/new start-up businesses are using them. It’s the same with some that have been established for many years too. Many choose to use Facebook as the ‘face’ of their business, are all their customers using Facebook though…? And even if they do, would they think to search for a specific kind of business on there?

A lot of new start-up businesses don’t yet have the funds to pay for a website designer/developer and therefore opt for one of the many ‘free’ websites that are so widely advertised. These are fine if you simply want a presence and people already know about your business.
If you are wanting to rank in Google then these free sites are not the best way to go, it’s very difficult if not impossible to have a great SEO ranking as these will use the website company name as a preference to your business name.

A simple but effective website doesn’t need to cost a fortune…


Think about the functionality you want from your site; does it need a shop/e-commerce, does it need an area for customers to login, does it need appointment booking options or are you simply wanting a page to show all your details and a portfolio of your previous work along with a description of your services, or maybe you want blog/vlog often. You can also have maps and addresses on there so customers can see exactly where you are, you can have a contact form and you can also have pricing tables – the information you put on your website can answer a lot of your customers questions before they even get in touch.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought as to the benefits of having a website and the types of things you would use one for.
Take a look at some of our sample layouts we can do for many types of businesses – our websites start at £650 and include a domain name and hosting for one year.

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