What kinds of tasks do Virtual Assistants help people with? – tips from a Virtual Assistant in Doncaster, UK

A Virtual Assistant can do pretty much anything and everything. There are general VA’s who can cover many things and then there are niche VA’s who often have a more specific skill set. We’ll outline a few of the tasks you could give to a VA and which category they’re more likely to fall into.

General VA’s could cover the following tasks:

  • Data entry
    Data mining / online research
    Typing up notes
    Minute taking
    Setting up/managing webinars and podcasts
    Forum commenting/monitoring
    Diary/Calendar management
    Email management
    Writing/editing/formatting reports and presentations
    Setting up LinkedIn groups
    Facebook, Twitter or Google Ads – creating, monitoring and analysing
    Creating/updating/maintaining databases and CRM’s
    Collating business cards into an Excel spreadsheet for uploading to CRM’s or address books
    Cold calling
    Call answering
    Newsletter design/content creation

Niche VA’s could cover the following tasks:

  • Video editing/production
    Designing/formatting infographics, logos, banners, social media profile images
    Photoshop work
    Blog set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling
    Event coordination
    eBook editing/formatting/publishing
    Website maintenance
    Translation services
    Personnel & Human Resources


These lists are by no means exhaustive and you would really need to discuss the things you would like the VA to do to see if they/you are the right fit.
The work is remote/virtual and you can have VA’s positioned all over the world, so it is also worth considering language barriers and time zone differences if you have time specific tasks that need doing for example.

The key thing to understand in all cases is the value of hiring a VA. The main benefit is that they will free you up to do other things that will generate more income than what you’ll be paying them.

A VA is there to use their key skills to save you time, money or even both.
They are the solution to the problem, as opposed to just another bill to pay.

Hopefully this has given you an example of the kinds of tasks you could outsource to VA. Being a Virtual Assistant in Doncaster, UK I am more than happy to discuss how my services can help your business by giving you your precious time back.

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