New services – VA

Some of you will have noticed that I put out an extra blog post last month. I’ve added virtual assistant duties to my services and I’m trying to get the message out there as much as possible. Some people don’t even realise they need a VA until you point out some of the admin tasks we can take off your hands. I also cover website support which includes maintenance.
Having a VA can give you valuable time back to do the important stuff – worth thinking about…
I updated my website and SEO to accommodate this change in direction and created a new landing page. I would love some feedback on how it looks – check it out at

Chamber support

Last month I went ahead and joined the Chamber. I’ve received lots of valuable workshop training/advice and I’m looking forward to getting some more recognition through them as a Chamber member. For anyone wanting to go self-employed I highly recommend looking at the workshops they do. The information and help received can be invaluable, plus it can open up lots of new doors and opportunities.
I’ve been asked to do “an hour well spent” on Excel for the Chamber. This will involve me doing a taster session to show people how to use Excel better, looking forward to it.

Sub-contracting/Associate work

Last month I joined forces with two other companies to help ease their workload. This is an interesting way of working and I’m keen to see how this will progress as time goes on.

Networking – it does work

I attended the NatWest & Smith Craven Women in Business event at the end of March, this was my second event through them and I have to say I enjoyed it. I found it informative and quite possibly picked up another potential client as a result of my VA services. I’m looking forward to the next one in the summer months.

The Month Ahead…

As it is Easter things seem to be very quiet at the moment, probably a great opportunity for me to get on top of social media marketing. This is an area that constantly baffles me but something I am determined to overcome. I’ve borrowed a few books from the library on it, now I just need to make time to read them all…
I also plan to write another blog post on the benefits and value a VA can add to your business. That should go out mid month all being well.
I see we have World Meningitis Day this month, that’s something that has affected us in the last year. No doubt I’ll be tweeting about it all.
I’m also attending a session on GDPR, something that will affect all business owners from the end of May.

And Finally…

Last month I hosted a Macmillan Cancer Whodunnit night
It was a fun night and we managed to raise £116 plus texts for the charity. I would definitely do this again and recommend it to anyone else that wants to help.

Happy Easter!!

Easter - Delacol Creative

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