What we’ve done over the last month

We’ve had a quiet month, partially due to it being holiday season. Charity work is something we’ve been looking into. We did post on LinkedIn if anyone could suggest a local charity that would benefit from a few hours work from us. The response was very good and we’ve already given one charity some tips on improving their website and where to find pictures for social media posts etc.

We also had a chat with a lady about her website, suggested a few changes and recommended she shop around for hosting.

All our Thursday Tips (Facebook) have been typed up into a PDF for easier reading. If you would like a free copy of this then please sign up to our mailing list/newsletter and state in the comments you would like this. We will then send you one out by email.

You can sign up via the website or through our email signup button on Facebook.


We went to just one networking event this month as it has been holiday season.
Evening events are something we are looking into attending over the next few months. To give things a bit of a mix up and meet different businesses as well.

We would love to hear which events you recommend or attend.


Facebook Live is something we’re looking into at the moment. We mentioned last month about another drop-in session. We’re now thinking it could be a good idea to do this live on Facebook instead. This way we can arrange it for later in the day/evening when most people will be able to attend. If you know anyone that would be interested please ask them to like our page to be kept in the loop as to when it will take place https://Facebook.com/DelacolCreative/

From now until the end of December we are also running a raffle where you can win an hour of VA services from us – you can get in touch with us directly to purchase a strip or if you see us at a networking event you can purchase there. You could also use the voucher towards a new website – check out our web services here


We’re in the process of writing a few more articles/blogs and case studies on Excel. Keep an eye out for these.

And finally..

It has been a quieter month activity wise, although, we did manage to fit in an escape room. We managed to escape with a minute to spare. Not bad considering there was only two of us.
Our focus is on Halloween now, planning a couple of social events around this. Last year we went to Hallowscream at York Maze and had a great time.
Looking forward to some cooler weather as well :-)

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