Welcome to my first blog – my journey to self-employment

I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself and the self-employment journey I’ve been on this year launching my start-up business and getting my first website live…

What a manic five months it has been for me.  After being made redundant, for the third time in the space of four years this May, I decided I should look at other opportunities.  I took the chance on completely re-training for a new career and embarking on self-employment.

Some have called it a brave thing to do – I call it exciting and challenging which is something I thrive on.

Free Support…

I completed my Web Design and Development course in July this year and looked to see what support there is available for new start-up companies.  I found the Doncaster Chamber as a result.  Since my initial contact with them I have attended many free, interesting and fun workshops to help me decide if this is the route I want to go down.  They’ve also helped guide me with things I’d never even thought about.

Another event I plan on attending is the Google Digital Garage bus.  This a another free event designed to give you insights on a multitude of all things digital and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you can never have too much information given to you.

Through these events I have made a few friends, made some great contacts for collaborative working.  To top it all off I have just completed my first website package for my very first client and which is now live….  http://safety-surveying.co.uk/

Work/life balance…

Although I seem to be busier than ever before, as I work longer hours researching and making sure everything is just right, the fact that I’m no longer commuting every day and that I’m working for myself has vastly improved my work/life balance.  As a result I’m a much happier person in general, something which has been commented on by many of my friends and ex-colleagues.  So I would say to anyone going through the uncertainty of redundancy or wanting a change because you don’t enjoy your job, do what makes you happy and take charge of your own destiny, it’s the best feeling ever!!

I’m looking forward to starting a new website package and helping my next client increase their visibility and sales… Keep an eye on my Facebook page where I’ll be showcasing the work that I’ve done.  I might even pop on the occasional promotional offer as I get my business off the ground.

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