I can’t believe we’re now into March, spring is on its way and it’s World Book Day…

Now is as good a time as any to have a refresh on your website and marketing/campaigns. There’s something about the freshness of spring that gets you in the mood to make good headway on these tasks… Or is that just me..?

Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more…

As mentioned last month, there is a Facebook closed group that has been set up to help with queries. It’s ideal for anyone who would like to start or get back into an office environment and would like a refresh on skills in these areas. There will also be workshops set up in the near future. The link to the group is:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/188549158584136/

Networking – it does work

I mentioned last month that I had a few events coming up and as a result of attending two separate ladies networking events. I had two potential clients arrange meetings with me. This has put a positive spin on the whole networking idea for me. It takes time to build confidence in yourself at these events and it can take a while for people to notice you…but they do.

Perseverance is the key to attending these events, fingers crossed I can double my numbers for March.

I also attended the Doncaster Business Showcase at the end of February. I have to say I was impressed, what a great way to make new contacts and pick up a few freebies. I’ll definitely be attending next year and I plan to have a stall too.

Read all about it…redundancy article

Last month I mentioned that I had written a piece for the local paper on redundancy. This piece was published on 15th February. I tweeted about it and added it to my business Facebook page. Since then the head of content also mentioned me (tweet embedded on my blog page) and the tweet has been re-tweeted often. As a result I’ve gained one of the biggest increases in Twitter followers since I started and I’ve had new followers on Facebook. The column was very well received and I had great feedback on it.

It just goes to show people do read and take interest in what you write. The link to the online copy of my column is here:- https://www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk/news/opinion/column-redundancy-it-s-not-the-end-of-the-world-1-9016634

I’m already thinking about what I will add to my next column…


I finished the Chimp Paradox book I started in January and I have to say, well worth a read if you want to understand why you do things/react in certain ways. It definitely opened my eyes.

I found myself with some time to spare one morning last month and decided to join the library. Instantly I took out 3 books to help me with marketing and social media. I read the first one ‘Follow Me! Creating a personal brand with Twitter’ by Sarah-Jayne Gratton within a week.  Although the book is now dated I found it really interesting and picked up some great tips that I intend to start using from now on.

The Month Ahead…

I came up with a brainwave to maybe help with advertising that won’t cost a fortune and will also help others with development. I’ll post more on this next month. In the meantime I have a brief to write.

I have a writing to persuade workshop coming up that I thought would be very useful for me, as it’s an area I’m not 100% comfortable in. I’m also interested in another workshop – email marketing for success, that’s later this month.

I have my next column instalment going out around the middle/end of March as well, more on that next month.

And Finally…

It has been another busy month socially as well. I did another escape room at enigma rooms in Doncaster https://enigmarooms.co.uk/ . We managed to escape even though there were only two of us doing it, as opposed to the normal 6 person group.

This year I’ve decided to host a Macmillan Cancer Whodunnit night https://whodunnit.org.uk

It takes place this month and I’m really looking forward to it. Everyone knows which character they’re playing now, it’ll be a lot of fun supporting a charity that means a lot to me personally, it’ll be a scream…

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