How outsourcing to a virtual assistant will save you time, money and your sanity


National Insurance
Development plans

Do you really want or need all the expenditure listed above…?


I imagine when you decided to set your business up you had a plan as to how that business would look in the future, you’d be doing something you enjoy and working around you, your family and the things you enjoy doing.
I also imagine that future plan didn’t involve all the administrative tasks that are often required of a successful business…

Many people when they set up a business decide they will do everything themselves, it’s their business and they want it to succeed, therefore they’ll do all that’s necessary for that to happen. There comes a point though when you realise that actually you’re not doing the job you love doing anymore as you’re spending more and more of your own/family time on admin. Or you may have a member of your family doing the admin for you to help you out.

There will come a point when you need to consider how best to move your business forward. You want the business to grow and succeed but you also need to factor in the costs required for taking on an employee to help with the admin side of things.

For most small businesses this is a scary thought.

Quite often it would mean that if you don’t already have premises you would need to start looking for somewhere to house all the paperwork and the admin staff.

The costs involved for premises, furniture, utilities and equipment can be quite high and also out of your budget if you’re just on the brink of expanding/growing your business.

Outsourcing isn’t a bad thing…

When you are in paid employment for another company, the word outsourcing is often seen as scary. People panic about their jobs; the barriers go up and so on…
In actual fact, outsourcing is a good thing especially when you are the boss of your own company.

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant means you still get the attention to detail, loyalty and care that a permanent employee would bring, but without all the costs involved.

For example, if you were to hire a part time employee it would cost you money to advertise for the role or even hire an agency to advertise for you. Then you’d have to take time out for interviewing all the applicants that meet the criteria. You’d need a place for the employee to sit that meets health and safety requirements and provides amenities, you’d also need equipment for them to use and pay business rates on the premises.
You would also need to factor in employee benefits. Things such as holidays, sickness, pension and development plans/training, these are all costs that need to be considered. There’s also the possibility that maternity pay will be needed…

Virtual assistants manage it all..

By outsourcing to a virtual assistant these are costs you don’t need to consider. A virtual assistant will charge you an hourly rate; they will then ensure that they cover their own NI and tax. They will also be using their own equipment to do the job and they will more than likely work from home or they will have their own premises set up. They will outline what hours they are available and the best means and methods of communication.

All those admin tasks that pile up and take you time to complete can be handed over to a virtual assistant to complete for you. This gives you time back to go out and create more business and generate more income for you and your family. It also means that you no longer need to work late into the evening doing admin or follow up work, you can have your weekends and precious family time back to enjoy.

Let’s face it, once the children have grown up you never get that time back, you need to enjoy that time whilst you have it.

Most virtual assistants specialise in certain areas based on their past employment. Some might whizz through Excel, Word and other Microsoft Office applications. Some will thrive on email management and call management. Some will be very creative and have graphic designer or website creation skills.
You need to think about the type of skills that your virtual assistant needs to have and then find the right one for you.

Hiring a virtual assistant doesn’t mean you are no longer in full control of your business, it means that you are doing what’s right for your business to continue to grow and for you to do the job you enjoy.

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