What we’ve done over the last month and the power of PivotTables

We’ve had a month of getting back into the swing of things after the summer.

After listening to a couple of businesses concerns regarding Excel we’ve decided to push our services out to PivotTables and Charts. This is such a powerful tool to show you how your business is doing. It can show you gaps in your products/services and show you where to focus to boost your sales and profit. We’d love to chat to businesses on how we can help them with this – please share with any you think would be interested.

Our other focus has been on creating new material for Twitter and Facebook – ensuring our tip of the week is extended out until next March. We’ve had some great comments on these tips and the value they’ve added to people. If you haven’t checked them out yet here’s the link  https://Facebook.com/DelacolCreative/

We recently contacted another Charity to see if we can help them in some way. We’re waiting to hear back from them – hopefully soon.

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We went to two networking events in the last month, one of which was brand new to us. The other one was a Chamber held event at the Buy Doncaster business club. We’re really looking forward to connecting with businesses we met to help them out with their admin headaches and possibly collaborate…. watch this space

We also attended a NatWest event on building a better business. There’s so much that can be learnt from attending these types of sessions. If you’re not attending them already we suggest you do.

We would love to hear which events you recommend or attend as well.



We’re still contemplating a Facebook Live session (date/time TBC).  This way we can arrange it for later in the day/evening when most people will be able to attend. If you know anyone that would be interested please ask them to like our page to be kept in the loop as to when it will take place https://Facebook.com/DelacolCreative/

From now until the end of December we are also running a raffle where you can win an hour of VA services from us – you can get in touch with us directly to purchase a strip or if you see us at a networking event you can purchase there. You could also use the voucher towards a new website or if you’re feeling charitable you could donate that hour to a local charity



As we’re trying to promote the power of PivotTables and the profit they can bring to your business we will be focusing on this more. We’ve already updated our website to give people an insight into what their capability is. They can save you so much time and effort and most people don’t even know they exist.


And finally..

It has been a quieter month activity wise, just a bowling night and an evening with friends. I’m beginning to wonder where the time is going. Halloween will soon be here and we’re not prepared yet. I’m hoping all this rain we’ve had will also bring the garden back to life, it hasn’t fully recovered from the summer yet.

Hopefully October brings in a number of new events and opportunities for us


Have a great Halloween

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