What we’ve done over the last month


It was a quiet month for us in October. We contacted a local charity towards the end of September to see if they could benefit from our services. We had a meeting with them early October and we’re pleased to announce we are now supporting Team Verrico. We’ll be looking to help them with Facebook, LinkedIn and their website going forwards. For those that don’t know who they are, they’re a charity that helps families with a cancer diagnosis and fund research – please take a look at how you can help support them too.



We went to just one networking event in the last month. This was quite a good one for us as we had someone that would definitely be interested in our services as their business is currently growing. We love it when ears prick up as we mention some of the services we offer. Of late we’ve been telling people about how powerful a tool PivotTables are.

We’re pleased that some of the people we’ve spoken to about these are now actively using them too.


We met a business that creates websites with a very quick turnaround and it looks like we’ll be collaborating. This means you get a much better, personalised web package from us. Our prices will change to incorporate this, but the service received will benefit as a result.


We look forward to building an excellent working relationship with them.


We would love to hear which events you recommend or attend as well.




We’re looking at creating some short videos we can post onto our Facebook page and LinkedIn. These are going to be based on work we’ve done so far and ways in which we can help businesses.


We attended a ‘how to develop your website with SEO’ workshop and have to say it was very informative. There are plenty of actions for us to take on as a result and we look forward to seeing positive results from it.

As a reminder – until the end of December we are also running a raffle where you can win an hour of VA services from us – you can get in touch with us directly to purchase a strip or if you see us at a networking event you can purchase there. You could also use the voucher towards a new website or if you’re feeling charitable you could donate that hour to a local charity




We’ve been looking into the types of queries people have regarding what a VA is and what they can do for them. As a result we’re looking to answer some of these queries with a series of blog posts and articles. If there are any specific queries that spring to mind please let us know at https://www.delacolcreative.co.uk/contact/

And finally..


As we love creativity we decided to do some Halloween decorating. This included painting a paper mache pumpkin and completing a cross stitch and framing it as well – we made use of deco patch Halloween papers for the mount too…


We’ve had a more active month socially, bowling, birthday meals out, badminton, having friends round for Halloween fun – note to self, look at activities that begin with other letters of the alphabet too…




Have a great bonfire night


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