January seems to have flown by and again it has been a busy month

IT Skills and more…

As a follow on from my post in January, I have now created some workshops that I plan to run with. They are aimed at helping both individuals and businesses in ensuring they benefit from gaining new skills and refreshing old ones in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The workshops are designed to help with both basic skills and those that want to develop VLookup and data validation skills for example.  I’ve also created a Facebook group where I will post workshops as events:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/188549158584136/

Creative workshops…

I’ve decided to create a few workshops that are craft related as this is something I’m often asked about whether I would teach. For this reason I’ve created a sub web page called www.crafts.delacolcreative.co.uk here you’ll find examples of the crafts I’ve learned and the type of thing you’d learn in a workshop. My first one is to teach people to create their own papercut Valentine’s card/picture.

If you’d like to learn more by all means get in touch http://www.crafts.delacolcreative.co.uk/contact/

Social Media

This is still a work in progress for me. I’m in the process of trying to create posts that will encourage interaction and I think this is something that will take me quite a while to master. For me it’s about learning how to create engaging content, it’s something I’ve never had to do in previous roles.

I’m definitely up for the challenge though.

The Month Ahead…

I attended a number of new networking events in January and I intend to follow suit throughout February, it’s great to meet new faces/contacts and learn about other businesses.

I’ve also started looking at self-development and the first book I’m reading is The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters http://chimpmanagement.com/

I have to say that I’ve almost finished the book and so far I have read a lot that I can relate to. I’m hoping this will help me to understand the way I think and also change how I react in some situations… I also need to write up my stone of life as the book suggests, this might help me with my goals a bit more.

And Finally…

One of my mentors suggested contacting the local paper to see if there was an article I could write for them on the trials and tribulations of going self-employed. After speaking to someone at the paper they said I had a good story, especially in light of what was happening with Carillion at the time.  I have written my column and I’ve been asked to write another one in 4-6 weeks time J

I’ll post the link to this next month.


It has been another busy month socially as well. I did two more escape rooms at Gr8escape in York http://www.gr8escapeyork.co.uk/ and managed to escape both. This was another really fun day out and I highly recommend doing these if you like a challenge .

They’re great for team building too…

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