I can’t believe it has been another month already!! Spring/Summer weather finally started to show, to then disappear after a few days 

Mentor / Mentee

I signed up to be a mentor in Excel this month as I thought the idea of helping people with things I enjoy would be great. It acts as a refresher for me as well. In the last 6 months I’ve had 3 mentors that I’ve worked with and I’ve found the experience to be great. It’s something I would highly recommend to any small business, even as a sounding board. I’ve had a couple of mentoring sessions myself this month and I’ve picked up some great tips from both of them.

I also had a meeting with the head of the mentoring scheme a few weeks ago. He suggested I joined a few networking groups on Facebook, which I did that evening. Being new to it I wasn’t sure how it worked so I posted a paragraph on my company and my VA services. As a result I had someone contact me and I’ve since had another message from someone else. All I can say is, if you don’t promote yourself you can’t expect to be found.



There’s been lot’s about this on social media lately; everyone has to be ready for the new law on the 25th May. I discussed this with a mentor recently and she said this is something I could help people with. If you’re wondering how to get started in this area, we can help you with a database cleanse. We can also help with updating your mailing lists/CRM, creating spreadsheets ready to export into your CRM and much more.

Continuous improvement

I’m all for extending my knowledge and skills and I’m always looking at ways to improve myself both personally and professionally. This month I read mammoth 740 page book on social media marketing. I got some great ideas and tips and I’m looking forward to putting them to good use.
I’ve just started my next book on small business marketing, again I’m picking up some great tips that I need to start using.


Over the last two weeks I’ve had a think about what it is I enjoy and how I can use it to help others. I’ve always been a creative person, enjoy crafts, learning new things and so I thought why not focus on creative people/businesses?
With this in mind I’ve started collecting as many images as I can to help with my marketing. It’s truly amazing how many free images there are out there with fantastic images to choose from.
Now I just need to find the time to start putting content to the material…

And finally..

On April 24th it was world meningitis day. It’s something I just had to tweet about as it affected us as a family last year. It’s amazing how many people think it’s just something children get… this is not the case. My mum suffered from it and all I can say is I’m glad the doctors acted fast otherwise she might not be here today…
I was loaned a book ‘Dark Matter’ by Blake Crouch recently, I started it a week ago and I’ve almost finished it. If you liked Wayward Pines or Lost then I would recommend this book, it had me hooked from the very start. There’s a lot to be said for reading, I find I sleep a whole lot better if I read before bed, it’s a great stress reliever.

reading book

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