Where did May go??

Drop in sessions – are we the missing piece to your puzzle…?

I decided to try something new and utilise a local hotel offer. For £5 a day you can have as much tea and coffee as you want; so I thought why not take up that offer. I created 3 events on Facebook which I called drop in sessions. The idea was to be sat somewhere where people can come and have a chat about how I can help them and their business. Quite often I find that no one knows about VAs, what they do or the fact they even exist.

The events were publicised on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, fingers crossed they take off and people start popping in to see me. As with everything it’s all a case of trial and error. Our drop in sessions are posted as events on our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/pg/DelacolCreative/events/


Are we the missing piece to your puzzle…?


We had a busy month of chatting with people about how we can help them and their clients. It started off with being recommended to an employment/job coach. We arranged to meet with one of her clients to see if I can help her with her IT skills to get a better job. We chatted for 2 hours and I gave them lots of tips on jobsites, courses and plenty of other things they could look at. I was also asked if I can do 1-2-1 sessions to help with Excel queries if needed. All in all it was a very interesting and positive meeting…now I need to get in front of similar people.


I went to a few networking events last month, starting with my usual monthly Latte one. We had a few new people so it was nice to explain what I do and gain some interest too. I also attended a #squarepeg event, which was new for me. I found it to be a very interesting event with truly inspirational speakers; I’ll definitely be attending another of theirs. I received an invite to a network b2b breakfast meeting, there were 8 other businesses there and four of them wanted to talk to me. I’d never heard of the group before but found it again to be very worthwhile attending.
It was a very interesting month networking wise, long may it continue.

Tip of the day

I decided to try and gain some new interest and give out some tips and advice at the same time. So it made sense to create some very simple/basic content on Windows shortcuts and scheduled to post one a day over a three week period. This received some great feedback and most importantly people were interacting with the posts more than any other. This is something I’m considering doing again, I just need to gather more content in the meantime…

And finally..

It has been quite a fun month activity wise, we had bowling and a couple of meals out/with friends. We went to see a play called ‘The play that goes wrong’ that was such a good laugh, I recommend it to anyone wanting to see something different. Deadpool 2 was also on the to-do list last month, that was a great film, can’t wait for the next one. I’m starting to wonder where the weather has gone, we had some glorious sun and now I almost need sweaters back out.
This month we have at least four more networking events, another bowling night and our second drop in session. At the end of the month it is #socialmediaday that could be an interesting one….

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