What we’ve done over the last month

We’ve had a very busy month chatting to people about how a Virtual Assistant can be a valuable investment to them and their business. As a result we had five 1-2-1 sessions arranged to discuss the type of tasks we can do. This is a great result and made me realise just how powerful networking can be.

We had one business come to us about creating a database of clients that they could then export to Excel to do graphical analysis on.
We did a website refresh for a hypnotherapist; she thinks her site looks ‘stunning’ – so we’re happy too. Find this in our portfolio


I went to five networking events this month and had a great time telling people all about what we can do to help them at work. We started with our usual Latte one, where I received a follow up. Then I went to a squarepeg one, again chatted to new people and hopefully some more leads.
Next was a NetworkB2B event, this was a very good one for me and as a result I have three 1-2-1 appointments booked for this month.
The next one was the quarterly Natwest Women in Business event and lastly a pet business networking event. As we’d helped one pet business we thought it would be good to speak to more..



I had another mentoring session and picked up a few more actions for things to try, such as create a three month marketing plan and include videos and blogs relating to summer activities. This is still on my to-do list and I plan to have my summer marketing mapped out by the end of the week.
I find it very difficult to get into the mindset of planning ahead that far when I still haven’t quite mastered marketing. I’m definitely up for the challenge though…

I was also advised to start creating case studies of how I’ve helped people. Two of these have launched and you can find them here:- Case Study 1 & Case Study 2

And finally..

It has been another busy month with activities and making the most of the weather. We managed to get the rest of the veggie plot sorted and now have pumpkins and squash growing. Looking forward to Halloween now…

I had a friend round to show her how to make my famous banana loaf. She made her own a week later and was impressed with how it turned out.
I had another friend ask me to help with a sewing/craft project – this went quicker than I thought.
We also had a bowling night with a social group and had a great time as usual.

I also read a really interesting book, Effective Business Writing in easy steps
I recommend this to anyone wanting to get a better understanding of how to approach writing for business.

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