How a virtual assistant can help you grow your business

• Website creation
• Marketing
• Research
• Email and call management
• Virtual phone number
• Analyse data

Maybe you’ve been in business a while now and you’re finding you’re still not breaking through the ceiling and taking full advantage of opportunities that are available to grow your business.

Whilst many small businesses will say they’re very happy with the amount of income and flexibility their business provides; I’m sure there are many more that would like to see their business really take off and grow.
In able to do that there comes a point where you need to sit back and look at what you actually need to do to achieve this.

I imagine a lot of you will be doing everything yourselves, such as marketing, ad campaigns, posting content on social media and your website (assuming you have a website).
I’ve come across many small businesses just setting up who think that getting a free website is the way to go – I was one of them at the start.

online marketing plan

For you to be fully visible and reap the rewards that a website can bring you, you really need to consider having a self-hosted website. There are many virtual assistants out there who can help you with this, whether they create it themselves as a package or collaborate with web design agencies. A virtual assistant can then help you to maintain your website with content. Blogs are by far the best way to get your SEO (search engine optimisation) working for you and some virtual assistants will write these for you, especially if they’re trained in copywriting.

Some virtual assistants will specialise in Social Media and will help you to create and post content that will help your business get noticed through more engagement – such as likes, comments and shares and getting your business in front of the people that want to see what you can do for them. They can help you to manage this engagement by responding to messages and comments for you and ensuring the content is up to date and relevant to what your customers want to see. This can save you time on the admin side of things allowing you to spend more time in front of your customers rather than behind a screen.

You might find that you want to create Newsletters, ad campaigns or flyers for an event. A virtual assistant can manage this for you, taking on board what you want to achieve and creating something that works for you. A popular application is Canva, in here you can create all sorts of marketing material and most virtual assistants will know how to use this to its potential – again saving you time and money. They may work with graphic designers who can create the marketing material swiftly and at a much cheaper rate. Again this allows you to focus more on your business.

If you work in the area of journalism or you are an author, a virtual assistant can help you with research. This allows you to spend more time on putting the piece together rather than having to go out and find all the facts and figures on your own.

mail flying into mailbox

If you find you get a lot of requests or queries and you can’t respond during the day as you’re out in front of other customers, a virtual assistant can deal with those queries for you whether it’s an email or telephone response that’s required or even a reply on social media. They can be there dealing with the daytime queries when you can’t be.
They can even help you set up a virtual phone number, this is something that’s proving more and more popular for businesses that don’t have physical premises but want to appear as though they have.

Another way a virtual assistant can be invaluable is when it comes to analytics. Some people are great at selling and dealing with customers but not so great when it comes to understanding the data they have. Excel is such powerful tool that is not fully utilised by so many people and businesses.
We’ve been talking to people on how PivotTables can be used to help them focus on the areas their business needs attention; you can really drill down on the information you have. Someone who specialises in Excel would be able to help in this area and really make a difference.
You can also use your findings with Google Analytics to create reports and graphs that could be great visuals on where your business is currently at and where it needs to be to succeed and grow.

To summarise, there are so many ways that a virtual assistant can help your business grow, the possibilities are endless. If you sit down and have a think about all the tasks you need to do and those that you can delegate to someone else I’m sure you’ll see the positives that a VA can bring to you and your business.

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