How do you manage your money…?

You may have seen my blog post about the 3-day challenge I run on Facebook called Financially Fabulous. If not you can read it here

As a follow on from the challenge, I offer people access to the financial/budget tracker that I use myself and have done since 2008. The tracker has been described by another user as “clean, simple and easy to use” this user has one for her personal finances and another for her business finances and finds it a great help to her as it’s not complicated to use.

It’s simply a way to monitor what goes into your bank, what comes out and what’s left.

Excel money management

I have also used this tracker in workshops to show business owners how to keep on track of their money easily and all it takes (dependent on the number of transactions you have) is just 10-15 minutes of admin each month – what can be simpler than that…

My tracker has helped me many times over the years when I’ve had to borrow money or do a balance transfer etc. so I can forecast how long it will take me to pay off the loan and if I choose to increase my payment each month how will that affect what’s left in my bank at the end of the year when I’d like to have a little splurge on presents and Christmas treats.

I find there’s nothing better than seeing those payments bring the total outstanding balance down and just knowing the exact month when I’m going to have more money left in my bank.

Money management


Simple, clean and easy to use…

I’ve designed it so that certain cells that have formulas are protected – so you can’t break the formula or spreadsheet, as I know this worries a lot of people when it comes to using spreadsheets.

The tracker runs for 12-months, from January to December, and when you buy the tracker you will also be invited to a 20-minute webinar to show you how to use it. You will also receive a PDF of step-by-step instructions.

Financial tracker

If you’d like to buy the tracker, here’s the booking form

Did you know I also offer an ad-hoc service where I can resolve your Excel formula issues in your own spreadsheets? Or we can implement new ones to get the spreadsheet to show you what you want to see – whether that’s through simple sums or if you want formatting adding to your spreadsheet to show certain colours when specific criteria are met. The time is payable upfront and you can then use it throughout the year.


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