Hi, I’m Tracy, your Business / IT Consultant in Doncaster


My Mission is to create a better future for everyone.

A future where everyone is able to manage their money better, reducing personal debt. A future without homelessness…

Children are the future – by educating life skills at school age we can help make the future brighter for them and those around them.

I believe that by showing people the essential basics of IT, Excel and life skills they can learn to budget and manage their money better and have the skills needed to take on a job after leaving school, or at any stage in life, we’re enabling them to live the life they want. It doesn’t matter if they’re young, older or vulnerable – together we can help make a better future for all.


How do I do this..?

I have three ways I can deliver help and training

1) Workshops – the ones I host are on my website, Facebook and Eventbrite. These range from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours and prices start at £35 per person (plus Eventbrite fees) 2-10 people per workshop

I can also do workshops at your location, making it convenient if you have a number of people wanting to attend. I tend to say up to 15 people max so I can help those that need it most. Prices vary depending on workshop length and location. Message me for more info.

2) Webinars – these are hosted by me and tend to run for 30 minutes at times that are more convenient for those with children or those that work full time. The webinars are perfect for people that don’t like being in large groups and feel more comfortable learning from home. These tend to be my workshops broken down into shorter 30 min sessions. Prices start at £10 per person (plus Eventbrite fees).

3) 1:1 – These sessions can be held at one of many locations and are perfect for those that want to learn face to face but not in groups. The price for a 1:1 session is £50 per hour.

All my workshops and 1:1 sessions are interactive and attendees will need to bring a device they can use Excel or Google sheets on.

My vision is to create solutions to the problems you face, ensuring you have the skills/knowledge you need to succeed. I want to deliver affordable, practical solutions that appeal to everyone.

Having worked in a wide variety of roles, I have established an extensive and broad background in a diverse array of industries. These include UK Retail, Local Government (IT), Financial Services. I have also benefitted through the experience of working overseas.

This unique combination of employment has not only created a diverse and varied CV, it also means that I have skills covering customer facing, analytical and problem solving. All of these skills require an acute attention to detail.

I enjoy helping people and I want to help you / your business to succeed and grow.


Take a look at my animated videos here


Why IT training…?

I’ve always been told I’m a great people person and I can explain things easily, talking people through the steps they need to take to resolve their IT issues and reach their desired outcome. I can do this in person or over the phone/internet. It made sense to use my skills and knowledge to help other people.

I believe that through my experience and industry knowledge, coupled with my passion and a genuine desire to support and assist individuals and new start-up/small businesses, that I can personally help you and/or your business.


How I can help you…

Take a look at my services page as to the various kinds of tasks I provide – this list is not exhaustive:- Services

On my home page I have links to my specific services and my portfolio/testimonials – take a look to see how I’ve helped other businesses:- Home

Email me at: hello@delacolcreative.co.uk

Have a look at how I can help you with Excel and MS Office.

Message me today to see how I can help you / your business to succeed and grow.

You can message me by clicking on the button or emailing me: hello@delacolcreative.co.uk

I’m doing some research on MS Office and which version is most used and I’d be grateful if you’d spend 5 minutes on completing the following survey – Thank you


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