The Excel Essentials training has been created so that anybody of any age or Excel ability will be able to understand.

It focuses on the key skills that most workplaces expect their staff/employees to have in an admin-based role, you don’t need to know everything, but you do need to know how to navigate, enter data and use the common features/functions.

Most employers use Excel.

With my Excel Essentials training, you will learn about:


The ribbon and what it does
Navigating around a spreadsheet
Entering data across a range
Re-sizing, inserting and deleting columns/rows
Common used functions

Conditional Formatting



You’ll get pre-made workbooks set up for you to work through whilst following the instructions/videos for each training.

You’ll also get a copy of my Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, which has shortcuts for Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Windows. This is great if you want to use the keyboard to do tasks instead of using a mouse… It’s good practice to be able to use both – in case one fails.

Why should you do it?

This training is great if you are thinking about changing your role/career to be more office based or focused and don’t quite have the Excel skills to transition smoothly, or you’ve never used Excel before.

You can add the skills you learn to your CV, these are valuable skills for life.

You’ll learn the basic/essential skills quickly and in your own time – no travelling required.

Based on my many years in office roles, I’ve packaged together the things that most businesses would like you to be comfortable with when you take up employment with them. Buying them as a bundle saves you over £16 on individual prices…

Excel Essentials training bundle

Excel Essentials is £35.99 - skills for life...

This button will take you through to the payment platform. The training is delivered as digital downloads, ready for you 24/7 to work through in your own time, so you can fit it in around your commitments.

Get the Excel skills you need to succeed!

As the training is a digital download, there are no refunds. Please read the Ts & Cs

Excel training at home

All of my training is available as a digital download.

This means you get to learn in your own time and at your own pace, so you can work around family/employment/life commitments and responsibilities.

See what my other customers have said about it below…


Tracy’s beginners’ course was brilliant! I have tried to avoid Excel for years and only used preprogrammed templates when I had to. Even then, it was a battle for me. This course was informative and very useful for someone who knows nothing about Excel. Tracy, at Delacol Creative, explained things beautifully and was infinitely patient while not at all condescending. The sessions are interactive so we get to work alongside her and make sure we can do it ourselves. Basically, it is a live and interactive ‘Excel for dummies’ course! Things I had spent hours trying to do in the past she showed us how to do with one click! Highly recommend This course if Excel is a mystery to you – it won’t be by the end!! Thanks Tracy!!


Owner, Shalom Holistic

I did the introduction to the Excel ribbon with Tracy, at Delacol Creative, and, as a total beginner to Excel, I was very nervous. Excel is always something that I had previously avoided. I warned Tracy that I was a novice and she totally put me at ease from the start. She showed me how to do my accounts very simply and effectively with Excel and also how to set up a way of contacting my clients with the spreadsheet. She was calm and patient and encouraged me to have a go by myself while she guided me through each process. Highly recommend this course and Tracy. Many thanks


Owner, Holistic Harmony

Tracy, at Delacol Creative, is very knowledgeable when it comes to Excel. She was patient and clear in her instructions when showing me how I could create a targeted marketing list, making my campaigns easier and more effective. The key for me was, I thought I knew how to use Excel, however as the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. Tracy opened my eyes to the varied tools and options within Excel, thankyou! I look forward to the next lesson, Carole


Owner, Wild Orange

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