I have a friend who decided he wanted to set himself up as self-employed. He was in need of a website to showcase his business that could also show his most recent tweets and instagram posts.

I invited him over to sit down face to face and have a chat about what more he wanted help with in setting this site up and we also discussed what I would need from him by way of media and material and when I would need them by.

He asked if I could also arrange for him to have a .com domain name as well as the .co.uk one, I arranged for the .com domain to re-direct to his .co.uk domain making it less likely for spelling mistakes when people searched for him.

I also set him up on my multi-host account meaning he had less to concern himself with each year, other than paying the ongoing annual costs to maintain these for him.

I sorted out the social media on the website for him and had the site up and running within a month.

By sitting down with him and showing/telling him how a website worked and what was required from him he understood the whole process better and as a result was very happy with the results.

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