I was contacted recently by a hypnotherapist in Leeds asking if I might be able to have a chat and see if I could help her with her website.

We had a lengthy chat about the current website and how she didn’t find it aesthetically pleasing. I took on the task and was only able to complete about 80% of the tasks involved as the WordPress theme and plugins she had in place were restricting what we could do.

I had a think about how I could resolve the issue for her and had a chat giving her three options, one of which was to do a complete refresh of the website and making the colour scheme match her business card.

I completed the work for her and she was very happy with the result, she thought the site looked stunning, as she put it. The friends I showed it to also said it looked a lot more professional and more fitting to her business.

It had its challenges over the course of completing but I’m very happy as to how it all turned out, I learned a lot more about FTP and cloning sites than I knew how to do beforehand too.

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