What we’ve done over the last month

We’ve had another very busy month chatting to people about how a Virtual Assistant can be a valuable investment to them and their business.
We received a fantastic review from an employment coach we’ve been helping and this was posted on our social media as posts. Hopefully this will appear in the review sections very soon.


We went to just two networking events this month and one of those was a last minute addition to our diary. There were a few people interested in what we do at the monthly Latte one. It was nice to get a chance to talk about what we can do.
The second one was a small group with interesting businesses such as graphic designers, photographers and telephony. A couple of us swapped details and we look forward to hearing from them soon for a 1-2-1.
We had a 1-2-1 with someone who provides healthcare insurance and spent a good hour and half going through what we do and how we can help people and also understanding the type of clients they want referring.

A meeting was also arranged with the local NatWest Business Growth Enabler for South Yorkshire. We chatted about the types of services we can offer and who we see as our ideal client/customer.

Our conclusion was that we can help any sized business. Whether they’re still in the early stages or even if they’re a large national company that has reached their headcount quota – we can help all of them.

Delacol Creative workshop image


We attended a Digital Growth Programme: Understanding Google Analytics workshop earlier in July. I have to say it was well worth it. It was a full day workshop and we learned so much about analytics and what to look for as well as what to improve on. As a follow on we also decided to set up a Google Business account and started posting on there. We also posted our first review (until the review is added manually).
Another on we attended was a Digital Growth Programme: Video Marketing workshop. This was very interesting as it gave us a few ideas on what we can do as a business.

Both the workshops gave us a lot of ideas on how we can also help other businesses in these areas. If this is something you’d like help/support on then please do get in touch

We’re looking to do another drop-in session; this one is planned for October (date TBC). I know it’s a long way off but we feel we need the time to advertise and publicise it as much as possible. This also ensures summer holidays are over and people tend to be back in their business. This will be posted on our Facebook page
Keep checking over the next few weeks for the definite date.

From now until the end of December we are also running a raffle where you can win an hour of VA services from us – you can get in touch with us directly to purchase a strip or you can come along to the drop-in session and sign up that way.


We noticed that AI is a bit of a hot topic at the moment in regards to business. We decided to do a little research into what people are looking for when they look at VAs and funnily enough there were queries on AI VAs. As a result, we published a piece on our blog, which you can find here
We also publish these on LinkedIn.

We’ve started looking at more articles and blogs we can publish as well that are relevant to current topics

And finally..

It has been a quieter month activity wise. Whilst I am enjoying the consistent sunny weather, I’m really looking forward to some rain. I think even my pumpkins were dancing when we had a sudden downpour in the middle of July.
A local hairdresser posted on Facebook about fundraising to help a client pay for cancer treatment and asked local businesses if they could offer support, we will be donating a free hour of our VA services for this great cause. If you’re interested in buying raffle tickets for this, let us know.

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