Where is time going!! We’ve got just 2 months left of our current contract and we’re in the process of finding out whether we have another one coming up in the very near future, fingers crossed it’s good news and we’ll have a definite yes before Easter.


We only got round to attending one networking event last month. We were invited as a guest for the morning and enjoyed it, despite having to get up at 5.30am to be there for 6.45am. We did have a couple of good chats with the potential of some more work coming our way as a result. A conversation was also started on Facebook and as a result of a phone call and explaining what we can do there is the possibility of associate work coming our way in the near future as well. Not bad for just attending one networking event.


The diary hasn’t had many events in it over the past month as we’ve taken some time out to spend with family and get a few of those pesky tasks that need doing done. Once we hear about the next contract I’m sure there will be plenty of events we can post about.


We created a couple of short videos recently. One was focused on the kinds of tasks we can do as a whole and the other was targeted towards PivotTables and charts. These were sent out to various people/businesses for feedback as to whether they were easy to understand, did they explain what we can do and was there enough or too much information. Everyone we asked came back with great feedback saying how good they looked too, one person even suggested we should offer the creation of these videos as a service – so this may well be a service offering going forwards. We posted the tasks as a whole on You Tube and you can view the video here.

We’ve been reading a few publications on marketing and are starting to take action on what we’ve read. There’s some really interesting tips out there and one of the first ones we’re doing is creating an FAQs page on our website. Quite often we can be asked what we think are simple/easy questions when they can actually be something that’s really niggling the person that asks, so we thought, why not collect a few of those queries and place the answers on our website. Hopefully people will find it insightful.

And finally…

We’ve taken a few days out in the last month to visit family we’ve not seen since Christmas and to make use of the annual pass we have for the Wildlife Park, in the last two months we’ve been 3 times. Look forward to spending more time there this summer.

We organised a social event for work recently and decided rather than just play standard bowling we thought we’d add a challenge and pair people up to play pyramid bowling. We searched the internet for a scoresheet for this and couldn’t find one anywhere, so we created one from scratch. This is something that we’ve decided to brand up and possibly pop on the website as a downloadable file. So if you’re into bowling and fancy a challenge then keep your eyes peeled for that going onto the site.

Have a great Easter!!

Easter eggs

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